Hello fellow Texans, I am asking for your vote on March 6, 2018 in the Republican party primary.

When voting for Ryan Krause, you are voting for conservative leadership, impeccable character and a common-sense approach.

As a conservative leader, I will work hard to reduce the direct influence of government in your every-day life. I believe government should protect our borders and defend our freedom. I don't believe government should determine our healthcare or livelihood. I believe conservative fiscal responsibility would reduce the tax burden on all Americans and still allow for us to build our military and fully support the men and women who have dedicated their lives to fight for our freedom.

I work hard to maintain a high level of character. More than that, I have a track record of raising the level of character of those around me through accountability. I believe I am exactly the kind of person that District 21 wants representing us in Washington. The moral decline of this nation is paraded before us on a daily basis. We need a Representative in Washington that exhibits great character, great values, great resolve and the experience to influence others. I am that person.

My approach towards government is guided by common sense. It doesn’t make any sense to me that we are fighting over healthcare and education for illegal immigrants while providing subpar care for our veterans. Our social programs need considerable overhaul. I am all about empowering people, not enabling them. People do not become better with more government programs or handouts. People become better when they are taught to take responsibility for themselves. My life's mission is to help people become better than they ever thought they could be. I want to represent District 21 to help the people of this district and this nation to live lives better than they thought possible. This begins with less government and more freedom.

We need Transformational Leadership. Transformation is about changing people’s intent rather than governing their actions. What sets me apart is that my life is devoted to bringing people together for a common cause. Whether teams, organizations, local or foreign governments – I have considerable experience in creating unity. It is time to influence change in this nation by demonstrating higher values and higher standards. It is time to take our country back. It is time to vote for transformation.

Vote for Ryan Krause on March 6 and together, let's make our lives, our communities, and our country better!

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